What Makes The Design of Industrial Shrimp Farming Facilities Essential

What Makes The Design of Industrial Shrimp Farming Facilities Essential?

Shrimp farming has significantly advanced in recent times, utilizing electricity, water, machinery, equipment, and sometimes even more resources than a small manufacturing plant. Each farming process requires suitable infrastructure support in order to operate efficiently and minimize wastage.

Eg 1:

In the water replacement process, calculating the size of the drain pipes is essential to drain the water in the shortest possible time (replacing 50% of the water in 2-3 hours). Without this knowledge, people might choose readily available or affordable pipes. However, when put into use, the water draining time might extend to 5-6 hours, causing long waits for workers and preventing them from performing other tasks.

Eg 2:

Daily transportation of feed, supplies, and during harvest requires careful calculation of internal paths within the farm, so that vehicles like tricycles, carts, and hand trucks can be utilized. Failing to plan this internal route results in increased labor and time, even though the transportation remains the same.

Eg 3:

The electrical supply required for the farm might necessitate a 200 KVA substation, but due to budget constraints, people might choose a 100 KVA substation or undersized wiring. This could lead to insufficient power in the shrimp farm, hindering its operation despite being spacious. Insufficient planning also prevents future upgrades or results in costly upgrades.

From the 3 examples above, if you have experience in shrimp farming, you understand the significance of these factors and realize that constructing a shrimp farming facility requires professional consultation. Each terrain and each process necessitates a different arrangement. When working with AQUA MINA and using our equipment supply services, we offer COMPLETELY FREE shrimp farm design and consultation. This enables you to confidently make initial investments and focus on effective management and operation.

Contact AQUA MINA for consultation and to acquire mobile round tanks to enhance your agricultural production efficiently.


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