In today's competitive shrimp farming industry, achieving success requires each farm to have a well-defined and tailored farming process and method. Considering the unique natural conditions of each region, such as soil, climate, water, and topography, is crucial in designing and operating a shrimp farm. Additionally, the total investment available for the farm plays a pivotal role in its design and construction. AQUA MINA's expert technicians conduct surveys, provide advice, and design the most optimal shrimp farm layout, transforming it into an efficient shrimp factory.
For super-intensive shrimp farms with a scale of 5 hectares or more, designing and formulating investment projects become essential steps. AQUA MINA can calculate asset depreciation, determine break-even points, and devise implementation stages aligned with the investor's resources and expansion plan.
The image of the design of an 8-hectare high-tech shrimp farm in Indonesia was carried out by AQUA MINA Company's Tommy technical team.
AQUA MINA has been invited to participate in numerous Global Shrimp Industry Conferences and Exhibitions, attended by leading experts in the Aquaculture Industry from both home and around the world such as Global Shrimp Industry Summit in July 2023; World Shrimp Expo 2023 in Can Tho;...
Some significant projects that AQUA MINA has participated as following:
  1. Design and estimation of the Situbondo Project in Indonesia (8 hectares in scale).
  2. Design and turnkey construction of the pilot shrimp farming area at De Heus Aquaculture Experimental Farm.
  3. Consultation and installation of composite round tanks in Darwin, Australia.
  4. Design of Hieu's high-tech shrimp farm in Can Gio.
  5. Design of Tan Tai's aquaculture area in Năm Căn.
  6. Design of Nhat Tri Dung's shrimp farming area in Quang Ngai.
  7. Design of Khanh Ngan's shrimp farming area in Tra Vinh.
The ever-advancing technology landscape demands a shift in shrimp farming towards incorporating science, technology, automation, and big data for enhanced efficiency. Proper design and installation of suitable equipment are fundamental to achieving this transformation. A strong technical infrastructure facilitates seamless farm management and minimizes risks. Monitoring, statistical analysis, and post-crop evaluation with precise data enable learning from experiences and improvement of personnel's operational capacity after each crop.
With a team of skilled and experienced technicians, Tommy's technical team from AQUA MINA is dedicated to turning the vision of constructing a high-tech shrimp farm into a reality, optimizing the entire process.
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