Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen have arrived on Phu Quy Island, Binh Thuan.

- Engineer Tommy from Aqua Mina has arrived on Phu Quy Island, Binh Thuan, to install Ventek for a high-density cage Cobia farming.



- The product is designed and manufactured by Hue Tronics Corporation. It has been researched and tested for over 5 years on shrimp farms in Hue, Can Gio, Soc Trang, and many provinces and cities across the country, delivering excellent results.

- Exclusively distributed by Aqua Mina - Comes with a 3-year warranty to provide peace of mind for users.


Ultra-fine air bubbles in a saltwater environment - providing effective oxygen in aquaculture

Testing Ventek diffusers in a saltwater environment on Phu Quy Island (for cage fish Cobia farming

Dissolved oxygen saturation level measured when using Ventek

Ultra-fine air bubbles in a saltwater environment - providing effective oxygen in aquaculture

1. Ventek efficiently provide oxygen to shrimp ponds with an average bubble size of only 1.6 micrometers (verified by the Vietnam Military Science and Technology Institute).

2. Ventek is one of the tools that effectively dissolved oxygen into water and maintains oxygen at the highest level on the market.

3. Helps shrimp absorb oxygen better, making them healthier and growing faster by 10% compared to traditional methods at a very reasonable cost.

4. The initial investment cost is only 50%, and the operating cost is 20%, making it possible to completely replace the current bottom aeration system with many drawbacks.

5. Replacing the entire bottom aeration system eliminates the need for labor to clean air hoses after each farming cycle, eliminates the worry of biofouling on plastic legs and air hoses, keeps the pond bottom clean and tidy, and saves labor.


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