Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen HSN501

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 Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen HSN501


Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen - An efficient oxygen supply device for high-density shrimp farming, maintaining oxygen bubbles in water for up to 40 minutes.

- Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen provides effective oxygenation for shrimp ponds with medium-sized bubbles measuring only 1.6 micrometers (as confirmed by the Vietnam Military Science and Technology Institute). VENTEK is one of the tools that efficiently dissolved oxygen into the water, helping shrimp absorb oxygen better, grow healthier, and grow faster by 10% compared to traditional methods, at a very reasonable cost.

Certificate confirming the average size of Nano bubbles is 1.6 micrometers generated by the Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen


Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen reduces investment costs, operating costs, and ensures long-term usage, thereby helping farmers reduce production costs. 

- The initial investment cost is only 50%, and the operating cost is only 20% compared to traditional bottom aeration systems with many drawbacks.

- Completely replacing the traditional bottom aeration system, there is no need for labor to clean the air pipes after each crop, and there is no worry about fungal growth on plastic legs and pipes. The pond bottom remains clean and tidy, saving labor costs.

Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen makes it easier for farmers to grow shrimp to a larger size. 

Especially, Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen is extremely effective when additional oxygen is needed to increase shrimp size in the late season. Larger-sized shrimp fetch higher prices, increasing profitability for shrimp farmers.

Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen has three kinds of capacity: 100 litters, 300 litters and 500 litters

Advantages of Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen:

1. The outstanding feature of the Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen is the application of spiral technology, which helps mix oxygen into the water better than other products on the market. This is a unique technological factor created by HUETRONICS JSC and has been patented exclusively.

2. The special material of the Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen is made from POM (Polyoxymethylene), which is known for its high heat resistance, good mechanical strength, excellent abrasion resistance, and suitability for saltwater environments. In addition, the air supply component is made of 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion from saltwater. The product comes with a manufacturer's warranty of up to 36 months for any defects.

3. The Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen comes in various capacities, ranging from 100 liters per minute, 300 liters per minute, to even 500 liters per minute, suitable for pond sizes ranging from 100 square meters to 2000 square meters. This provides shrimp farmers with multiple options for selecting the appropriate diffuser for their different pond sizes to achieve the highest efficiency.

4. The Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen is compatible with most centrifugal water pumps with a corresponding head of approximately 13-15 meters. The pump flow rate corresponds to the capacity of the Ventek.

The product is designed and manufactured by HUETRONICS JSC. It has been researched and tested for over 5 years on shrimp farms in Hue, Can Gio, Soc Trang, and many provinces and cities across the country, delivering excellent results.

AQUA MINA Company is the exclusive distributor of the Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen, which is produced by Huetronics JSC.

The Ventek Nano Bubble Oxygen generates ultra-fine oxygen particles with a size of 1.6 micrometers, enhancing oxygen absorption by shrimp.

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