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In the post-COVID era, people have shifted their focus towards improving health and food safety. Alongside choosing organic and fresh produce from stores, some individuals are opting for self-sufficiency by cultivating clean vegetables and raising fish for their families. Discover the possibilities with Aquamina!

Mobile tank with a full capacity of 7 cubic meters.

The traditional method of fish farming, involving digging ponds and releasing fish, suits households with ample space but proves impractical for urban families with limited areas. 

Recognizing this concern, AQUA MINA has introduced the MobileTanks , designed to be compact, easy to install, transport, and relocate as needed, making it an excellent fit for families in urban environments with restricted space.

What advantages does AQUA MINA's Mobile Tank offer compared to traditional fish farming?

1. Its circular design promotes a centrifugal water flow towards the bottom, effectively gathering waste such as fish excrement and surplus food, which can be conveniently drained or siphoned, ensuring a clean water environment for optimal fish growth.

2. The fish waste can serve as a fertilizer for cultivating vegetables and fruits, making it an efficient and environmentally friendly integrated farming solution.

3. Its adjustable height options (1m, 1.2m, or 1.5m) allow it to be placed entirely above ground level, facilitating better observation and care for the fish. This also enhances safety for families with young children compared to traditional ponds.

Mobile tank can be entirely placed above ground without the need for digging like traditional fish farming methods.

4. With a capacity ranging from 5 to 60 cubic meters of water, it accommodates various fish species such as tilapia, rohu, catfish, as well as economically valuable species like barramundi and snakehead fish, among others.

Mobile tank 3m diameter and 1m height, suitable for raising fish, eels, and more.

5. The tank's frame is made of galvanized welded steel, ensuring robust durability, while the water-holding section utilizes eco-friendly HPDE liner, which can last from 5 to 10 years. In addition, a dual-flange with a valve allows for quick and convenient draining of fish waste or sediments.

6. Our mobile tank's compact packaging and pre-processing facilitate easy transportation and installation

7. Notably, our product is a perfect match for small and medium-sized farming models, including commercial fish farming, eel farming, or aquaponics systems.

Why should you choose Aquamina's Mobile Tank?

AQUA MINA takes great pride in being a leading company in designing, manufacturing, and installing mobile tanks in Vietnam. With a highly experienced and skilled team, we are dedicated, wholehearted, and always ready to provide top-notch support to its customers. The company offers on-site technical guidance and assistance, flexible warranty policies, and lifetime maintenance for its products. AQUA MINA 24/7 toll-free hotline ensures prompt assistance and advice.

➤ Contact AQUA MINA for consultation and to acquire mobile round tanks to enhance your agricultural production efficiently.


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