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The price to easy, easy operation, drop a risk per the first stage of ... ... floating pond are more and more interested in aquaculture. Follow the following post posts to find at understand, use your tank you are well!
About 3 years ago then now, the process of shrimp culture in 2 compartments shows that it is suitable with the climatic conditions and disease situation in the fishery industry in general and the shrimp farming in particular. . The floating rearing system, the cultivation of shrimp is easier and more convenient, thus raising the productivity of the crop as well as raising the crop for a year. Therefore, perhaps building a tank of quality is something many people want to learn and learn. What should you pay attention to the pond?
ao tron lot bat
The floating pond system was developed rapidly throughout the country in a  very short time due to the advantages by its.
1.Firstly, the nursing pond should be placed on a high ground so that the bottom of the floating tank is higher than that of the pond. The pond can be discharged to the large pond with pre-installed plumbing by turning the drain valve, This helps the shrimps not lose weight, the shrimp also becomes much softer
2. The nursing round should have a large slope of about 5% To collect waste easily, as you know, the tank size 100m3 can not install waste collector as large ponds. Waste consumption depends on the aeration system and the slope of the pond. This is very important because if the waste is not collected, the very high density of shrimp in the tank will quickly discharge and make the water in the tank very dirty, From that toxic gas, adverse conditions arise very difficult to control
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Floating tank should be sloping to ensure that siphon is easily removed as needed.
3. The system of floating tanks should have a tank of equal volume. . In order to replace 100% water supply when needed, water tanks must always be cleaned, ensuring the standard for water supply to the tank. In the world, due to the miraculous effect of tilapia in shrimp farming, many countries such as Ecualdo, Thailand and India all raise fish in ready-to-serve water tanks. Minerals to melt and grow fast.
4. The nursery for the nursery preparation stage, Many people choose to make membrane house, iron roof solid because of small area and to ensure safety, However, in practice, use unshade net to reduce the amplitude fluctuation temperature, reduce part of rain water directly when heavy rain. Cheap shrimp can be removed to get used to the temperature without roof, so the shrimp is not shocked, ensuring the head. According to many studies, the growth of shrimp is better when exposed to night dew. 


Floating tank It is one of the great supporting tools of each shrimp farmer. Many wise users have come to this product of AQUA MINA Co., Ltd because it brings many benefits, convenience, low cost ... 9 reasons to decode why should use the tank floating?
1. Cheap Price:
The first reason why you should use a floating tank. Compared with traditional digging ponds, the floating tank only costs only 1/3, do not need fans, bridges .. but still ensure the management of ponds easily and quickly.
2. Quick work:
The material calculation, frame welding, or the most difficult is the rounded canvas we have calculated and optimized at the factory, so the installation has become as easy as assembling. a toy. Do not depend on partners - welder, vehicle, welders .. With the finishing and packaging carefully, we can provide, advise and guide people to all places. , the most remote areas in 64 provinces with only one phone ord Cheap price is the first reason why you should use a floating tank
ao deo
3. Small area is easy to manage:
About 100m3 of water, covered with roof, people are very easy to control the environment, measuring the necessary parameters without being dependent on external conditions or weather conditions. sudden change, active time to phase 2 seed when the best preparation for commercial ponds.
4-Avoiding Disease:
An important reason why it is advisable to use a floating tank is to reduce the risk of premature death due to EMS, disease control. At the very early stage of production, farmers can assess the quality of seedlings to request the breeders to provide warranty as well as 99% Good living conditions in the first 25 days of the crop can inhibit EMS development and other diseases that may harm the shrimp herd. On the other hand : One thing is important that is reason should used a floating tank is to minimize the risk of premature death due to EMS, disease control
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5. Easy operation:
Due to the small pond area, it is not necessary to use a ventilating fan during the 25-day nursing period. Only one small flow air blower or one 1hp pump can be installed. It can provide enough oxygen and create a very effective flow for the tank. And, of course, no 3-phase electricity can still be used in the first stage.
6. Independent :
Non dependence on water source, farming: Before if some one will have been had 1 million shrimps, they will have waited for water, handle a lot of money for 1000 or 2000m3 of water. But from now, with 100-200m3 only pumping for 1 hour, 2-3 days processing at a small cost, you can down to the same species that save time, effort and money to be able to start cultivation with much more confidence.
So reliance on water resources, farmers can raise and raise crops, increase crops, wait for good prices to sell. Long-term sunshine or rain will only affect large ponds, but when flooded, these will be eliminated.
7. Easy move any where & change size :
Floating ponds by designe optimal, people can remove & change size so easy. To move the pond by other than 2 workers in half a day without expert.Highly customizable, customizable sizes fit the actual needs without leaving or completely refreshing. . This is an important point in the mobility of AQUAMINA Co., Ltd. has been present in all provinces and cities, welcomed many people in just a short time in the market.
8. Reducing the risk of natural disasters and the environment of commercial shrimp ponds:
Due to the ability to control the day to shrimp (phase 2) and raised in the roof, surrounding fences, It is in the center - you can be active Under direct conditions, the pond environment has 90 working days, while in ponds, commercial ponds only have to work for 60 days. Should shorten the time of shrimp in the pond from which to increase the crop, avoid floods and storms, In
addition to clean water in the new environment to help shrimp are grown in larger tanks faster, reducing the risk of environmental load End of crop.
9. Can be used for all local processes:
At present, with the superiority of the two-stage culture method, scientists advise farmers to use a floating tank to feed two phases. , can manage well and reduce the risk of early death, reviewing the disease in the small shrimp. Can be used for ponds, bottom soil, extensive farming, or extensive improvement can be applied very effectively.
ao nuoi tom the
To facilitate access to the two-stage farming process, AQUAMINA Co., Ltd will provide free advice, installation instructions as well as transfer the nursing process,
raising two stages to peace of mind when using the floating pond of us.
1. Fluctuating temperature rapidly when the tank is too small (less than 50m3), the solution is to use large tanks with careful roof, along with aeration throughout the pond will reduce this defect.
2. Environmental shocks at outflow phase 2: Many people have this problem then abandoned on the tank-temperature shock, pH, alkalinity, heavy metals. many people should make the previous 1-2 days, open che for shrimp with the environment environment. to the sky of cool, early light or the maximum protect it for sure
ao uong co mai che
3. Difficulties in technology, materials .. Concentration density is too high is always an interesting challenge for those who want to conquer science. Aeration, electricity, good quality feed, environmental test testkit must be fully prepared. Care should also be available to people who are technically and professionally qualified 24 hours a day to ensure that no major or long-
term incidents occur. 
More many advantages that can not be told. Quickly contact us to get the earliest floating pond for yourself. Nowadays the demand is too big, we have to apologize for the delays with the customers ordering
HOTLINE: 0936 99 88 29.
Where should you buy the floating pond top quality?
In Vietnam, at times advanced technologies have not been widely disseminated, many people are still struggling when applying nursing ponds and floating tanks to raise shrimp. Therefore, AQUA MINA COMPANY was born as a companion with her children. With the design consultancy service, providing shrimp pond products, we hope to support the best for customers to have valuable experience in shrimp farming, pond design shrimp Flour as well as necessary food products ...
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AQUA MINA Co., Ltd is a companion for the any people in the field of internet
Beside that AQUA MINA Co., Ltd specializes in providing high technology shrimp farming services, suitable for all types of production, all regions meet the
requirements of farmers. The closed production process at the plant should ensure the quality, quickness, simplicity, convenience and cost savings needed for sustainable production, fficiency and production and business. products of mobile nurseries, microorganisms, minerals, and preparations for hi-tech shrimp farms, agricultural production, aquaculture ...
Come to AQUA MINA, you will be able to reach the most practical aquaculture with efficiency and high productivity! 

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